I have loved this man for 

4056 days

I am Camille.

Our house is filled with puppy nose bumps, some barking and enough puppy art to cover a whole art gallery.

And although not every day is easy, Andy and I chose to continue to love each other every day for the last 11 years.

We are high school sweethearts. I fell for the football player and he fell for the tomboy that had a mean competitive streak. We are mostly found either chilling on our boat enjoying the sun with some Whiteclaws or doing something active. 

Don't get us wrong, our Netflix game is EXTREMELY strong but sometimes snuggles and Netflix are just called for. It lets us take a second to slow down in a busy world.

Some of my favorites

Besides my puppers!

Big Marathon runner - 18 halfs and 2 fulls

Long summer days on the boat

A drive through the door peninsula

Tiktok has taken over my life

Fruit pie and dirt dessert from festy

Little Moments.

Real Emotions.

Your Story.

is a Green Bay based wedding photographer who finds importance in the little moments of a wedding day which make up the fabric of your love story. I photograph wedding and engagements in Green Bay, Wisconsin but I also travel worldwide.