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Fish Creek, Wisconsin is home to stunning fall colors, perfect engagement sessions and small boutique shops. Nestled in the heart of the Door Peninsula, many find themselves mesmerized by its coastal charm. Merissa had asked me for a water inspired vibe. The second Merissa said that, I knew exactly where we were headed. It might also have to do with the fact that I am low key OBSESSED with Door county but minor details here.

” Fish Creek, Wisconsin is home to stunning fall colors, perfect engagement sessions”

But there is a HUGE story about this engagement. So Josh wanted to make sure we recreated their original proposal since they never got photos from it. He was pushing hard to do it. So after we walked down the pier in Fish Creek, I wanted to make sure we started with that since I did not want to forget that piece of it. Although I found it odd he was really pushing the idea of this, I wanted to make sure we got what he asked for.

Little did I know, Josh had actually purchased a new engagement ring for Merissa. Do you want to know when I found out about this? About two seconds before those specific photos. Want to know when Merissa found out about the ring? The second when he dropped down on one knee again and started explaining it to her. She wasn’t even thinking about the ring until he told her to look at it really close…

That is right. Josh surprised Merissa with a brand new engagement ring at their engagement session. If I could describe how Merissa’s reaction was, it was between speechless, complete shock and a lot of saying Josh’s full name. Oh, maybe some swearing too:)

Merissa and Josh, being able to spend this time with you has been amazing. I am truly blessed to have amazing and loving couples such as you both. I am going to make this short and sweet and give the people what they actually want. THE PHOTOS! Enjoy a few sneak peeks from your engagement session.

If you missed the Radkte wedding, well you need to see that one too!

<3 Camille

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