Fonferek Glen Summer Engagement | Autumn and Jordan –

Summer was fading fast at Fonferek Glen where Autumn and Jordan were enjoying their engagement session. The sun was setting, casting a warm glow over the field. Laughter was ringing out as Autumn and Jordan looked at each other. Sharing the details of a funny story from back in the day. Love was shining brightly in their eyes. The sun was wrapping them in a beautiful golden warmth. Every single aspect of this moment was perfect for their summer engagement session.

“Summer was fading fast at Fonferek Glen”

Autumn and Jordan are amazing people. Autumn and Jordan love endlessly and you can see it in every image we took. They also know exactly how to have fun. Both of them love to laugh and just enjoy their time together. With endless stories and funny inside jokes. It is no wonder these two are going to be married in a year. They are PERFECT together. Like truly perfect. My favorite is still when Jordan did the airplane and she had to tell him which direction to go. I thought Jordan did pretty good navigating. Either way, these two are a match made in HEAVEN.

“Both of them love to laugh and just enjoy their time together. With endless stories and funny inside jokes.”

Autumn and Jordan, I just have to say that you lit the fire within me again for your engagement session. I haven’t had that much fun creativity in quite some time and I can not thank you enough for this. Your engagement session will be with me for some time. I have to say, you two are the real deal. I think your wedding day will be just as perfect as you both. Enjoy a few sneak peeks from your summer engagement session at Fonferek Glen.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Awe love our Autumn and Jordan. Your pictures really bring out who you both really are.

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