Fonferek Glen Engagement | Tori & Andy –

I was back at it again at Fonferek Glen for an engagement session but this time it was with my new Minnesota wedding couple, Tori and Andy. And there are about 2,500 reasons I can say why this makes me happy but I will start with the fact that from my first text to Tori, when she said her friend and her were fangirling over the photographer from Wisconsin!

Cue my major ego trip. And we have Tori to thank for that. As if my ego wasn’t big enough as my hubby would say. I was even MORE excited when she said they were heading my way to do their engagement session. I mean, how cool is that!

“when you mix together and engagement session and the waterfall at Fonferek Glen. You get MAGIC.”

So the original plan, well that did not pan out so well. They were about a weekend too early for the sunflowers BUT you know me. I always have a backup plan. Tori wanted a barn, tall grass and cool landscaping. Insert one of my favorite spots, Fonferek Glen. It is like a photographers favorite playground and when you mix together an engagement session and the waterfall at Fonferek Glen. You get MAGIC.

Also, I am pretty sure Tori and Andy might be slightly close to my spirit animals. And I am equally impressed with Andy’s ability to apply magnetic eyeliner. I think he has a future he did not even know about there Tori!

Tori and Andy, thank you so much for making the drive to Wisconsin for your engagement photos. I think you are going to be happy we ended up at the waterfall at the end of the day. So enjoy a few sneak peeks from your engagement session at Fonferek Glen County Park!

PS – Want to know another awesome Wisconsin Spot? Check out Haley and Adam at Frank Murphy Park!

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