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With all that COVID-19 restrictions in place, a large volume of brides are finding themselves trying to determine what is the best steps for their wedding day. Do you postpone or just find another way? There are so many questions as to which is the best option. An intimate wedding in Door County is the perfect solution to those brides who just want to marry their grooms now:)

An intimate wedding in Door County is the perfect solution

So did you originally plan a WHOLE wedding day and celebration only to have COVID-19 restrictions take your plan and toss it in the wind? Here are some top reasons to change to an intimate wedding in Door County!

1.) You can pick unique venues

Since you don’t have a large volume of people attending, your venues are vastly more and they can be extremely unique. You can get married on a sail boat in Door County or in a clear top tent and dance under the stars. You can get married in a coffee shop or at an amazing winery. The options are endless and each can be super unique to you as a couple! Below is a list of all the amazing small venues in Door County!

Ceremony on Sail Door County

2.) You can save money or splurge!

Having a small guest count means that your cost per head is greatly reduced BUT you can also splurge on each person. Give them a unique wedding experience. Did you want to serve them a 5 course meal? Well now you have the option as your guest list is now smaller! You can also splurge on favors for guest or things you were wanting originally like a killer photographer or videographer!

Door County Florist

3.) You can be more adventurous

With less guests in attendance, you can have more fun picking out locations and making an adventure out of it. Door County provides the perfect location for intimate weddings. It allows your guests to escape to somewhere beautiful. In a time when travel is limited, anywhere is an adventure. You can get married in a state park by the water’s edge or do it in the lavender fields on Washington Island. End the night hanging out with your closest friends and with everyone staying, the party doesn’t have to end at midnight!

4.) Your wedding day will be more relaxing

With less people at the wedding, socializing with guest won’t feel forced but it will be more relaxed. You have only your closest friends present which allows you to both enjoy the night while hanging out with family and friends!

These are just some of the reason to start looking into intimate weddings in Door County. The list can go on and on but in the end, if you want to get married now, let Door County be both your destination and your escape close to home!

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Venue: Sail Door County
Venue: Woodwalk Gallery
Venue: Björklunden
Venue: Gordon Lodge
Transportation: Door County Trolley
Transportation: Grizzly Air Transporation
Event Planner: Pink Door Events
Event Planner: Chris Company Events

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