Egg Harbor beach session | Haley & Adam –

The cold started to bleed straight into our bones as Haley and Adam huddled together in the cold waters at Frank Murphy Park in Egg Harbor. The beach made the perfect vibe for their beach session in Egg Harbor but as sun set behind the western Wisconsin shoreline, Haley and Adam worked their way into the water. The water stilled around them, providing a calm like no other. Stars began to breakout around them. The cold sinking deeper and deeper until their legs went numb. Adam and Haley stayed huddled. Using each other’s warmth as the sky faded from deep oranges and pinks to navy. Wrapping them in the quiet of night.

I have no idea what level of crazy that Haley is on. When I asked one day if we could go in the water during their beach session in Egg Harbor, she quickly agreed. I even asked her to make sure she knew the temperature of the water before agreeing. She comes back with the fact she was just in it Memorial Day weekend. But I won’t complain because she allowed me to accomplish something I have been wanting to do for the last year!

For those that are wondering, the water was a cool 64 degrees. I am not actually 100% sure that Adam was on board before we pressured him into the water. But Adam is the type of man that would do ANYTHING for Haley and I mean anything. So Adam, from me, I want to thank you for getting in that water for us:)

Haley and Adam, can I just photograph you two forever! Thank you times a million for doing something for me that I thought no one would EVER agree with! On the plus side, the video got some hype on Tiktok;) But truly, thank you for letting me capture the absolute joy and love between you both!

Enjoy a FEW favorites from your beach session in Egg Harbor!

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  1. Haley Bagniefski says:

    I love you Camille, thank you so much for capturing all the love between us!

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