Door County Cherry Blossom Proposal | Cassie & Scott –

Nothing goes together better than Cherry Blossoms and proposals if you ask me. Especially on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when the cherry blossoms appear to be glowing from the sun setting along the shoreline.. Door County is known for the beauty of these cherry blossoms. Every spring they bloom and blending the blossoms with Cassie and Scott’s proposal made it extra magical.

Scott and Cassie met 2 years ago when Cassie created a bumble account. And the first person she matched with on the app was Scott! At first, they became friends as Cassie wasn’t ready for a relationship at the time. And as Scott started falling in love with her, they started to become best friends. As the years worn on as they saw other people, Scott was always there for Cassie.

“#TeamScott to #CassiesaysYES”

Friend and family started pushing them together by #TeamScott in every one of her post. And like best friends do, they planned a trip together to road trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons. As the trip got closer so did Scott and Cassie and while they were at the Grand Canyon, he handed Cassie a letter. It was the last page to a story Scott had been writing, THEIR LOVE STORY! The story ended with Scott asking Cassie to be his girlfriend and her saying YES!

Cassie and Scott had won a free session with me that I host for every Valentine’s day. When COVID happened, we had to push their session out until I could start legally shooting again in our state. So once I figured out I wanted to shoot in the cherry blossoms in Door County, I started setting things up with Cassie. Then I got a message from Scott. He wanted to use this time to propose to Cassie!

I couldn’t be more thrilled especially because I knew she had no idea at all about the proposal. Scott and I began plotting out all the ways that we could do it. I came to the conclusion of using one of my prompts. You see, Cassie actually shadows me for wedding days so she knows most of my prompts. When I started setting them up for the prompt, she just thought I was recording for Tiktok. Little did she know, I was recording her whole proposal:)

So here is a few favorites from Scott and Cassie’s proposal at the Door County cherry blossoms! Don’t worry, their love story also got published by The Knot but with a love story like that, how can it not:)

Thank you Scott for letting Andy and I capture this beautiful proposal!

Love Camille

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