Tips for cold weather weddings –

Outdoor Wisconsin weddings can sometimes end up a little chillier than expected. It is so important to keep your guest and you warm for cold weather weddings. Whether it is spring, fall or winter. Temperatures can get cold during outdoor wedding ceremonies. I have gathered a list of great tips to help you and your guest to stay warm for cold weather weddings.

1.) Help your guest with the outdoor ceremony – provide things like blankets, hats and scarves, and hand warmers in a cute little basket. This allows all your guest to be comfortable and warm and therefore they are able to focus on you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Using blankets to keep guests warm for cold weather weddings

2.) Pre Ceremony drinks – with the chiller weather, provide guest with warm drinks before your ceremony to heat them up. A cute build your own hot chocolate station is the perfect set up where guest can warm up their hands and body with some yummy hot chocolate before and during your ceremony.

3.)Warm up your bridal party – Your bridal party will also need to stay warm during the wedding. Gift them cute fur shawl or cute coats to keep their arms warm. It looks great in photos and your bridal party will thank you!

Jackets for cold weather wedding

4.) Heat up during cocktail hour – As you go off to take photos, have warm snacks when guest arrive at cocktail hour. Things like mini grilled cheese and tomato soups or a chili bar. This way, they get a snack before dinner and it heats them up!

5.) Fire pits – When guest arrive to the reception and cocktail hour, have the fires already going. This way they can warm up quick by the fire before heading into cocktail hour or to your ceremony. You can also dual purpose the fire pit for a s’mores bar!

So now that I armed you with tips for cold weather weddings, you are ready to go! Don’t forget to check out the advantages to having a winter wedding. I mean, combine the two blogs and you have a great foundation for some beautiful snow photos!

Until next time, Camille!

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