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You may have heard Door County referred to as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”. Each town has quaint little shops hidden throughout them. And fish boils happen all summer long. It has a unique amount of places to stay. From adorable B&B’s to campgrounds to resorts. Covered by water on both sides; Door County has so many reasons to host your wedding. So hop up on a trolley and tour the beauty that is Door County.

Door County has many reasons to host your wedding.

Wedding Photo Door County, WI

I am fortunate enough to team up with one of the amazing wedding planners in Door County to gather a list of reason to have a Door County wedding. PinkDoor Events is one of the amazing local wedding planners that coordinates weddings in Door County all year around. I teamed up with her to give you the top reasons to have a wedding in Door County.

1.) It is a destination wedding close to home – Have a destination wedding within your own state allows the celebration to extend longer than a single day. Often, you can make a whole weekend, surrounded by friends and family celebrating your wedding day, or should we say weekend! The best part, you can go back and visit year after year to celebrate your anniversary.

Door County  wedding cake design

2.) There are many different types of venues to fit your style – Beaches, state parks, historic sites, ISLANDS, rustic barns, banquet halls, modern spaces, water views, resorts, wineries, sail boats/tour boats. The list of possibilities are endless. You can pick a venue that is perfect for you both!

3.) You can have baby goats at your wedding! – This does not even need further explanation because BABY GOATS!!!

Door County Wedding Florals

A wedding in Door County could mean baby goats at your wedding.

4.) Door County is a tourist hotspot to entertain your guests – With so much to see in Door County, you guest will never be tired of things to do. From wine tasting to fish boils. The list of activities is endless. So if you are nervous about what your guests will do in their down time, there is no need to worry. Door County will provide them with abundant options.

5.) Share your favorite place with their guests – Door County is an absolute beautiful place to share with family and friends. What better way than having your wedding there.

This is just the beginning of the list. From amazing venues and vendors to the variety of options for out of town guest. Door County is the perfect spot to host your wedding day.

Check out this styled shoot on Door County’s Lake Michigan side. It will not disappoint.

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