Boneyard Beach Engagement | Jackie and Bobby –

I think I found my new heaven at Boneyard Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Either that or beaches are just my jam. I mean, I am a total beach person so it could be the latter.

“I think I found my new heaven at Boneyard Beach”

I got to meet Jackie and Bobby for their engagement session while I was visiting Florida in the middle of February. When Jackie and I were discussing possible locations, I brought up Boneyard Beach for their engagement photos. At first, she wasn’t so sure of the idea but at the end of the day, she trusted me enough to go for it. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite beach engagement sessions!

When I first met Jackie, we instantly clicked and we kept laughing every time we talked. Then I got to meet Bobby and although at first he may have thought I was crazy (don’t worry, everyone thinks this), I think when it was all said, he actually decided I wasn’t so bad.

I do have to say, these two dealt with a new level of crazy because when I first arrived at their engagement session, I wasn’t sure I was getting my husband’s truck back. And after dialing a random number from the parking garage, I finally figured out how to pay. Then we arrive at Boneyard Beach for their engagement session. As we start making our way toward the beach, we realized that the walk to Boneyard was more like a hike. A mile later and our feet finally hit the sand.

But at the end of it all, their engagements photos at Boneyard Beach was nothing short of amazing. Bonus points, I got to visit the “north Florida Keys”. That is what the sign told me as I was driving.

Jackie and Bobby, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me keep my cool and having a lot of laughs with me! I can’t wait for your wedding in October! Enjoy a few favorites from your engagement session at Boneyard Beach!


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Distance walk at Boneyard Beach
Hold me closely at boneyard beach
Shoulder Kiss at boneyard beach for an engagement session
Ring details at boneyard beach for an engagement session
Cuddled up
Walking at the Boneyard beach for an engagement session
Snuggled up for engagement session

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