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Wisconsin Winter Wedding

When you hear the word winter in Wisconsin; the last thing you think of is the advantages of a winter wedding. But there are so many!

1.) It is unexpected – where summer months are booked full with beautiful summer weddings that turn into beautiful fall weddings. Most people get wedding exhaustion. Going to weddings all summer can get overwhelming. Having a winter wedding is a fun way for friends and family to get all dressed up when most are huddled in the house.

2.) Vendors and Venues are available – You don’t have to fight the crowds during peak wedding season for a prime piece of venue real estate. Your options are more plentiful. It’s off-peak so not only will your dream venue be open but you’ll also get the royal treatment since they don’t have many other weddings to deal with around that time! Save some money. Most venues and vendors have special winter pricing since the demand for them is not as high in winter. And I must say, who doesn’t like to save money!

3.) The Lighting Is Perfect – Couples who get married in the winter can make mother nature work for them! In the mornings, sunlight reflecting off the snow and frost make for brighter, better images. And if you want a romantic shot in the sunset, you won’t have to wait that long! Shorter days mean you’ll have more time available to play with different lighting. That means you’ll have a greater variety of wedding photos to choose from.

4.) You’ll enjoy your honeymoon even more – I mean we all want to get away from the cold in the winter, what a better way than with a honeymoon. If you are anything like my hubby and I; we find any excuse (okay, maybe just I do) to get away from the snow by mid-February. So what better way to rationalize a vacation then with a honeymoon! Can you say one of the biggest advantages of a winter wedding?

5.) If it snows, you’ll get the most amazing pictures – this is my FAVORITE reason on the whole list. Do you ever see those dramatic winter photos and although it might be chilly, it looks like a scene out of a Disney princess movie! I mean it’s not the most mature reason in the world, but imagine the look on your friend’s face if you got breathtaking photos of a snow-covered fairytale wedding! You will look like a fairytale coming true.

These are just a few select advantages to having a winter wedding. There are many more that can be added to the list, but these are a couple of great examples to get the juices flowing!

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Advantages to a winter wedding

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