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The snow fell in gentle waves at Lake Lawn Resort in Lake Geneva. The wind pushed heavily along the ground. Helping the snow fall in a beautiful swiping pattern. Laughter rung out across the resort. Echoing the joy that accompanies a wedding day. Erica and Luis were surrounded by their closest friends. Laughing about all the fun they had growing up.

“The snow fell in gentle waves at Lake Lawn Resort in Lake Geneva. “

Luis and Erica started out as coworkers at Macy’s. They met on Erica’s first day. Over the summer, they became work friends and always asked each other for opinions on the different things they wanted to buy from Macy’s. Instead of simply asking for Erica’s number, Luis looked it up in the work system and tried to pass it off as a work related thing. Their first date was at the McDonalds’ parking lot after they got off of work because nothing else was open at such a late hour. Within a week, they began officially dating and have been together ever since!

There are so many amazing ways to describe Erica and Luis. They are two people that you can look up too. They are caring and compassionate and they will welcome you with open arms. Both Erica and Luis are very strong individuals and together, they make an outstanding couple.

Erica and Luis, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your wedding day. It was an honor to be apart of something so special. I can’t wait to show you these sneak peeks!

Love Camille


Dress | David’s Bridal

Venue | Lake Lawn Resort

DJ | Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment

Bridesmaid Dress | Azazie

Tuxedos | Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Favors | Jam’s by Jane

  1. Gimmy says:

    A very beautiful wedding, and so much fun

  2. Ginny says:

    A very beautiful wedding, and so much fun

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