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The cold air wrapped around them as they walked down the steps of the city deck in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Ice drifting down the river. Clouds covered the sky, masking the sun’s warmth. Stars started to dust the sky above them as day turned to night. As the final photo was captured, they walked hand in hand back toward the road. Smiling up at one another. You can feel how much love radiated between Sabrina and Riley.

“Stars started to dust the sky above them as day turned to night. “

Green Bay winter weddings are perfect because you are surrounded by beautiful snow and ice. Most places are also a ghost town in winter so there are plenty more spots to go that are usually busy in the summer. We worked our way to the City Deck after Sabrina and Riley said “I Do” again and I must say, it was the perfect spot for their bridal party photos.

Sabrina and Riley, where do I even begin. I feel like we have been through so much! I remember the first time I even talked to Sabrina when she asked me to do a shoot for her. At the end, she asked if I would like to shoot their wedding and without a doubt in my mind, I knew I wanted too. And then I met Riley and it was like the icing on the cake. They were both so happy and even happier to just be together. And through all the hard times, and distance apart, they are one of the strongest couples I have ever known.

To both of you, thank you so much for letting me capture the beauty of your vow renewal. I know it was a long time coming and let me tell you, I have enjoyed watching every part of your journey. You two are truly remarkable people! Enjoy a few sneak peeks from your Green Bay winter wedding!

PS Riley – GO PACK GO 😉

Love Camille!

  1. Tina Riha says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures Sabrina and Riley! You two are very blessed!!

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