Best of 2019 Weddings –

It has been a crazy year and it has been way more than I could have ever asked for. I got the chance to shoot over 18 weddings include one in California and another in Florida. What more can you really ask for?

There has been a few tears shed (happy of course). Some of you making me cry without even knowing it. There has been plenty of laughs and some even got a little crazy but would it really be a wedding day without a little crazy in it? I have truly fallen madly in love with wedding photography and I can’t wait to watch what will happen in 2020!

So without further ado, I have been asked by some for a “Best of” for the 2019 wedding season. The decisions were hard to make. So I took my personal top 3 favorites from each wedding. But let’s be really honest, it was not easy to pick.

I do want to thank every single 2019 couple that I got the chance to meet. Every single one of you have a place in my heart. You have taught me a lot this year especially about myself. You have also helped me make this little business into something I am so extremely proud to call my own. I would have never been able to do that without you all. So in no particular order (besides the date they happened… because I have a touch of OCD) I present the “Best of” the 2019 wedding season.

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