Anderson Dock Engagement | Terra and Tyler –

Door County is full with places of beauty. On your journey up to highway 42, add Anderson Dock to your list of places to spot. Nestled toward the northern side of Ephraim, Anderson Dock is the perfect spot for engagement photos. Holding years and years of love, written on the side of this dock side building. It helps you remember that love can weather any storm. Much like the love stories written along the wooden building. Anderson Dock was built in 1855 and history has stated that when boaters docked at Anderson Dock, they were encouraged to write their names on the building. As the years progressed, the city encouraged all who made it to Anderson Dock, document their names on the building.

“It helps you remember that love can weather any storm. “

What I have loved about my couples this year is that they 100% trust me to pick the perfect spot for them. I have known Terra for quite a long time and even played soccer with her. She is the best friend to one of my good friends and is an amazing person. Terra is kind and sweet but still gives Tyler sass when he needs it. She even willing hip checks him upon request which I have photo proof of. But that is a different story for another day. Then there is Tyler. He is funny and witty and the rate of his comebacks far exceeded most. He even lets Terra do a little happy dance when she eats pizza at weddings. But the best part about Tyler is he still doesn’t know how to get his new truck to stop going into panic mode.

Terra and Tyler, thank you so much for going on a wild adventure through Door County with me! I hope you had some fun before the snow started flying at Anderson Dock for your engagement session. Enjoy a few favorites from your engagement session!

Love Camille.


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