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Have you ever wondered how you can get to the Caribbean for cheap from Wisconsin? Hang with me here for a second because it is closer than you think. Whitefish Dunes is the key to your answer. It has the bluest waters you will see this far from the equator. (Disregard Banff for a hot second). So when couples ask me where to take engagement photos in Door County, I usually can’t help myself. Whitefish Dunes is the perfect spot for engagement photos and bonus points, it is right down the road from Cave Point!

“Whitefish Dunes is the key to your answer. It has the bluest waters you will see this far from the equator.”

There is one more thing I will caution you on. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT actually step foot in the water unless its at least 90 degrees and you are dying of heat stroke because this is not the bay. At least the bay heats up to 60 in the summer. This is Lake Michigan and it is chilly!

And I remember saying those exact words to Tasha and Jesse when we got there. So although they will be celebrating their wedding next year in Hawaii, I helped them out but not letting them dip into the chilly waters of Lake Michigan.

Tasha and Jesse, thank you for hanging out with me and walking well over a mile to get to the beach. I am sorry about the long walk but at least we got to trade dog war stories. Bonus points is that we also got our steps in for the day. But in the end, the long hike to the beach was well worth it. Enjoy a few favorites from your engagement session at Whitefish Dunes and Cave Point county park in Door County, WI.

Love Camille,

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